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Portable Pumping Units

Do you need to….

  • Conduct a pilot or appraisal program,
  • Conduct a technology trial,
  • Resume production from an abandoned well,
  • Test production from a higher or lower zone,
  • Ensure that a marginal well remains profitable,
  • Relieve dependence on a supplier with market dominance?

Your need can be met through the uniquely effective option of the SHARPE-PPU (portable, sucker rod, pumping unit).  It is uniquely effective because it provides the advantages of rental and <1% down-time.

What is a SHARPE-PPU?

The SHARPE-PPU is the surface section of a sucker rod (reciprocating), pumping system and adds to the advantages gained from such systems (refer to “Artificial Lift, 2nd Ed.” by The University of Texas at Austin, PETEX for advantages of sucker rod, pumping systems).

The SHARPE-PPU series C70, C100 and D120 range from 12,000 to 25,600 lbf in maximum, polished rod load, capacities.

The portability of the SHARPE-PPU is achieved through hydraulics, therefore it is sometimes referred to as the SHARPE-HPU (hydraulic pumping unit).

Reasons for using the SHARPE-PPU and its specifications are presented in the following files (PDF).

SHARPE-PPU Installations

Product Range


~ PDF (461KB)

How Does it Work?


~ PDF (5563KB)

Why use the SHARPE-PPU


~ PDF (802KB)

Series D120 Animation

  • Access equipment for a short term project or one with high economic risk 
  • Avoid irregular or unexpected maintenance and repair costs
  • Avoid disposing of equipment at the end of the project
  • Exchange old for new equipment
  • Have the flexibility to change equipment as your needs change
  • Minimise insurance schedules
  • Eliminate the need to apply for CAPEX approval
  • Reduce CAPEX
  • Minimise tax payable
  • Relieve dependence on a supplier with market dominance
  • Sharpe Portable Pumping Units
  • Sharpe power sources
  • Self-bundled fuel tanks
  • Monthly rental with payment due at the end of the month
  • Discounted quarterly rental with payment due at the beginning of the quarter**
  • Operational lease for yearly rental

**If you don’t need the equipment for the entire quarter, we will apply the least expensive rental option or offer a part-refund if applicable.

Please contact us for a rental quote.